What are the results of our CSR assessment by EcoVadis?

Written the Nov. 30, 2022 by Véronique Lejeune

At Mondo Spechim, we are committed to a sustainable economy. Our customer-focused strategy enables us to offer innovative solutions that minimise their environmental impact.

Why an EcoVadis assessment?

We want to ensure mutually beneficial and respectful relationships not only with our customers, but also with our suppliers, partners and subcontractors. Reason why we decided to draw up our own CSR charter

As EcoVadis provides CSR management system assessments to more than 100,000 companies across 175 countries, it seemed appropriate to have ourselves assessed. 

How does the EcoVadis assessment work?

Various aspects of performance are taken into account: environmental, social and ethical performance as well as responsible purchasing. Within each aspect, EcoVadis uses the following indicators:
-    Policies: commitments to responsible and sustainable business conduct; 
-    Actions: concrete measures put in place; 
-    Results: key performance indicators (KPI)
Based on the indicators (Policies, Actions and Results) EcoVadis analyses strengths and weaknesses and suggests ways of improvement to the assessed companies. 

What is the result of our EcoVadis assessment?

EcoVadis has recognised our efforts in environmental and social policy, in particular through our commitments to:
-    Reducing our energy consumption and GHG emissions;
-    Responsible waste management;
-    Recyclability of packaging;
-    Labelling to ensure the safety and health of consumers (labels, technical data sheets, safety data sheets, etc.)

Our performance in terms of ethics and responsible purchasing is less significant, but is still above the average of the companies assessed. We now know which areas we need to improve in order to optimise our overall score in our next assessment.

EcoVadis will plant a tree on our behalf!

The EcoVadis assessment therefore awarded us a Bronze medal. This means that we are among the top 50% of companies rated by EcoVadis. To mark the occasion, EcoVadis will plant a tree on our behalf through its partnership with One Tree Planted.