Mondo Spechim serves cleaning companies, communities and industry.

Thanks to our experience and expertise in professional cleaning and maintenance solutions and concepts, we can meet the needs of many sectors of activity.

Conceps and products 

Thanks to continuous innovation, our concepts are becoming more and more ergonomic, economical and ecological.

We work together to find complete solutions, providing expertise and developing methods that combine the right product
with the right equipment. 
Our wide range of products allows every professional to find the most suitable solution.

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Sectors of activity

Our customers include cleaning companies, plumbers and heating engineers, as well as institutions, local authorities
nd industry, with whom we work closely to strengthen our expertise in cleaning methods. Whatever the demand, we offer
high value-added solutions adapted to most sectors of activity.

Solutions for every sector

Our product catalogue

Mondo is known for its product lines that are particularly respectful of man and his environment: the Green selection
with enzymes en the Biotican with probiotics. A complete selection of unique products, that will bring you real added value.

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