Why clean with probiotics?

Written the March 31, 2021 by Véronique Lejeune

"Probiotic" is a generic term, used to refer to living micro-organisms. These include bacteria, fungi and yeast.

Probiotics, living micro-organisms

They are best known in food, cosmetics and, more recently, in cleaning. Thanks to our expertise, we have selected the right bacteria by putting them in ideal conditions so that they can digest the dirt continuously. In fact, as long as there is dirt left, the bacteria reproduce and digest it.

Using surface probiotics makes cleaning more efficient and, above all, much more environmentally friendly. Indeed, probiotics are 100% natural, without chemical components, hence no pollution and therefore no risk for the planet and the user!

Biotican: a range of probiotic-based detergents

We have developed our own range of probiotics: BIOTICAN FLOOR, BIOTICAN SANITARY and BIOTICAN INTERIOR. Their effectiveness is indisputable, as they ensure continuous cleaning, neutralise bad odours and cover surfaces with a protective natural microflora.