What are biocides used for?

Written the Feb. 16, 2022 by Véronique Lejeune

They are used to combat unwanted organisms.However, some biocides present a health risk!

Biocides: what do you need to know as a professional user?

What are biocides used for?

They are used to combat unwanted organisms. Disinfectants, insecticides and certain cleaning products are therefore biocides. Find out more information at 

Biocides that pose a health risk are part of the restricted circuit. Indeed, they can be toxic, carcinogenic or harmful. Many cleaning products are biocides of the restricted circuit. For example, disinfectants for floors and surfaces. Therefore, biocides are mainly reserved for professional users. professional users.

Only biocides authorised by the federal authority can be sold on the Belgian market.

However, as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, some biocidal products have been temporarily authorised because of their effectiveness against coronavirus. Consult the list of authorised biocides.

Professionals in the catering industry are major users of biocides and disinfectants (floors & surfaces) especially since the health crisis. This is why FPS Public Health has launched a new communication campaign on biocides in restricted circuits intended for the catering sector

Do you use biocides? Follow some tips:

  • Choose a biocide authorised by the federal authority. Consult the list.
  • Follow the safety instructions : Be aware of the risks. All important information can be found on the label or the safety data sheet (pictograms and instructions for use) 

Rest assured, our biocides are on the list of federally authorised biocides.