Our eZ enzymatic range: Revolutionising the treatment of stagnant water and surface water

Written the July 10, 2023 by Véronique Lejeune

Managing stagnant water is a major challenge for many public park and garden managers, who are looking for effective, environmentally-friendly and affordable solutions to treat eutrophic water.

The revolution in the treatment of stagnant water and surface water

Similarly, in the private sector, owners of bodies of water are often faced with problems of sludge build-up and unpleasant odours that affect water quality.

Thanks to a biotechnological breakthrough in water treatment, these problems can now be solved.
Our new range of enzymatic solutions specifically dedicated to water treatment offers innovative products that meet the needs of rainwater tanks, lakes, ponds and other surface water suffering from eutrophication. These naturally-derived enzymatic solutions pave the way for a healthier, more responsible approach to wastewater treatment.

Advantages of our eZ range

The advantages of our eZ range are numerous and unrivalled compared with traditional methods.

Natural origin
Firstly, they are of natural origin, which means they contain no synthetic chemicals or polymers. This essential characteristic makes them safe organic products that are not harmful to the environment.

What's more, the enzymatic action enables organic particles in the water to be broken down more effectively and quicker, reducing the need for additional additives. Our enzymatic solutions accelerate the natural processes of ecosystems exponentially.

Effectiveness at a neutral pH
Another key feature of our enzymatic products is their exceptional effectiveness at a neutral pH. This maintains an ideal pH, guaranteeing optimum performance in different environments and conditions. 

Environmentally friendly
What's more, our enzymatic products are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. They leave no harmful traces in the treated water, preserving the balance of aquatic ecosystems and the health of aquatic life. 

Cost and performance
With a focus on cost and performance, our enzymatic solutions offer an affordable alternative to traditional wastewater treatment or curing methods. Thanks to their increased efficiency and reduced need for additives, our products offer significant savings in terms of operating costs, while maintaining optimum performance.

Three flagship products from our enzymatic range

We would like to take this opportunity to present three flagship products from our enzymatic range, dedicated to the treatment of rainwater and other surface water:

eZ Rain: An ecological rainwater treatment system especially designed for rainwater tanks. This unique solution combines non-pathogenic micro-organisms and a natural flocculant to clarify water and eliminate unpleasant odours. eZ Rain offers an environmentally-friendly approach to rainwater treatment.

eZ Klar: Covered by the Ecocert eco-label, eZ Klar is designed for clarifying water in lakes, ponds and other ornamental water features. Chloride and aluminium-free, this product is harmless to aquatic life. It effectively eliminates eutrophication, reduces silt build-up and eliminates unpleasant odours, ensuring optimum water quality.

eZ Lac: This enzymatic solution has been especially developed for clarifying water in lakes and other bodies of water. By reducing the layer of silt, rebalancing the pH and eliminating unpleasant odours caused by plant putrefaction, eZ Lac preserves the beauty and ecosystem of water bodies while preventing pollution.

Our new range of enzymatic solutions offers an innovative, effective and environmentally-friendly approach to treating stagnant water and surface water. By opting for natural, polymer-free, high-performance products, we can now meet the challenge of eutrophic water in a sustainable and cost-effective way.