Manure treatment can be dangerous!

Written the June 17, 2021 by Véronique Lejeune

Do you treat liquid manure? Beware of poisoning...

Why can manure be poisonous?

This 11 June, the press reported a serious poisoning of 2 people, at the farm of the Officer in Escanaffles.

Source : L'Avenir

Liquid manure is an essential and common adjuvant in the fertilization of agricultural soils. However, its decomposition is accompanied by the release of gases such as hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, etc. The gases can have a negative impact on the health and safety of users.

Our advice:

Favour an enzymatic product that allows the faeces to be liquefied (better absorption), avoids the formation of a crust (clogging of pumps, etc.), reduces the production of gases and finally improves the fertilising value of the slurry.

Among our range of enzymatic products, specifically adapted to the treatment of effluents, is our "E-LIZ" solution. With this targeted enzyme product, companies involved in manure treatment can work safely and securely. To name but a few, the main features of E-LIZ are

  • Rapid liquefaction of slurry;
  • Accelerates the separation of liquid and solid phases;
  • Prevents crusting;
  • Neutralises ammonia and organic odours;
  • Maintains the pH at an optimal value;
  • Improves the fertilizer value of the slurry;
  • Facilitates the purification of manure in the plant.