Industrial subcontracting, how to choose a solid partner?

Written the Oct. 13, 2022 by Véronique Lejeune

Before explaining the advantages of subcontracting and the criteria for choosing a partner, it is important to define what subcontracting or "contract manufacturing" is.

What is industrial subcontracting?

"Subcontracting" or "contract manufacturing" is a common practice of companies which consists in delegating services or work that they are not able to carry out themselves. Either due to a lack of resources, adequate materials, expertise, qualified personnel or simply time. Companies may resort to subcontracting when they are unable to meet high demand. 
Why subcontract?

Subcontracting offers many advantages

Here are some of them:
-    Benefit from qualified human resources that are not available internally 
-    Have skills and expertise in a specific field
-    Use adapted equipment without having to make an investment
-    Be able to respond to a busy tender and order book.
-    ...

How to select a reliable partner?

Here is a list of the main selection criteria to help you choose your subcontractor or contract manufacturer: 
1. Responsiveness and proximity: If the subcontractor responds or reacts quickly to your request, this shows responsiveness and their ability and willingness to meet the demands.
2. Financial health and a secure partnership:Check the balance of their accounts as this is provides evidence of their seriousness and of the demand for their skills. 
3. ISO certifications: Choose ISO9001 or even 14001 certified subcontractors! These certifications are a guarantee of a quality management system for subcontracting work.
4. Reputation and quality of work: Carry out a web search and find out about:
     - Their reliability and transparency: Be vigilant and check that the subcontractor scrupulously respects the specifications 
       established beforehand.
     - Outdated and unclean facilities: Poorly cleaned, outdated or unsuitable machines, a dirty and dusty environment, etc. can be
       the cause of cross-contamination.
5. Geographic distance: Before the surge in energy prices, outsourcing to a distant country, or even to another continent, was common practice because it reduced operating costs. Today, geographical distance is proving to be a real obstacle in terms of cost and time. It has even been noted that companies that previously outsourced their production are repatriating for better control of logistics costs and supply times.

Know your suppliers!

Knowing your subcontractors well is essential and allows you to add real value to the collaboration, while minimising the financial, legal and commercial risks. 

Mondo Spechim could prove to be a valuable partner, did you know that?

Due to our solid experience in contract manufacturing, we have the resources, the skills, the infrastructure and the equipment adapted to any subcontracting mission in the field of maintenance and effluent treatment products (grease traps, waste water, pipes, etc.)
Located in Gembloux, our factory (5000 m2) and all our equipment are recent. We can package liquids (0.5 litres to 1000 litres), powders (5g to 1 tonne) and gels. When we have to deal with unforeseen events, we have a second site as a backup, with the same production capacity. 
In addition, we are ISO9001:2015, Ecovadis, Ecocert, IFS, AFSCA and soon ISO14001 certified