Hydrosurface, a surface disinfectant that is over 99.99% effective

Written the March 9, 2021 by Véronique Lejeune

Our surface disinfectant 'Hydrosurfaces' complies with EN13697 (Bactericide, Fungicide and Yeasticide) and EN14476 (Virucide) standards and is 99.99% effective against Coronavirus

Definitve marketing authorisations for our Hydrosurfaces

We can now benefit from the definitive marketing authorisations for our Hydrosurfaces under the Mondo and Gercuria brands.

Our disinfectant is suitable for non-porous surfaces and is authorised for use in the food industry.

  • TP2: Disinfectant not intended for direct application to humans and animals
  • TP4: Disinfectant for non-porous surfaces in contact with foodstuffs

Our authorisations :

Authorisation number Belgium: BE-REG-00828 • Authorisation number Luxembourg: 82/80/L • SIMMBAD inventory number - France: 63273

Our hand sanitizers

In the range of disinfectants, we offer a hand disinfectant or hydroalcoholic gel that you can find under the name Hydrohands.

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