How do you remove dirt from outdoor surfaces?

Written the April 7, 2022 by Véronique Lejeune

After winter, terraces, parking spaces, roofs, facades etc. have lost their shine. This is often due to pollution and green deposits caused by a long period of humidity.

Why not opt for more natural products?

Enzymatic detergents are very effective on dirt and are more environmentally friendly. Enzymes irreversibly convert organic dirt into water-soluble (biodegradable) residues. Enzymatic solutions provide a thorough cleaning and are safe for the user and the equipment. There are no hazard symbols on the label.

eZ range: a full enzymatic range

Thanks to our expertise in biotechnology, we have developed our own range of enzymatic solutions (eZ range), exclusively for professionals. Extremely economical because of their high concentration, our enzymatic solutions guarantee a lasting and preventive effect after treatment. The special feature of our eZ range is the selection of enzymes according to the dirt to be treated.  

eZ top eliminates green deposits

If you need to clean outdoor surfaces, opt for an enzymatic detergent like eZ Top. eZ Top has a targeted action on green deposits and traces of pollution.   


Facades, walls, roofs, driveways, wooden, metal or PVC surfaces, funerary monuments, natural stone or clinker terraces, etc.


  • Natural enzyme-based product,
  • Day 3 APD action,
  • Non-biocidal,
  • No rinsing or mechanical action required,
  • Economical: 1 5 L container can treat up to 100 m2.

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